I guess we all need something to feel happy about

I'm Bella. I'm single, young, slightly stressed but fun! I love Harry Potter, good quotes, unusual paintings, food, music, fandoms and sarcasm/ puns! So follow my blog and find something you like or can identify with!! :)

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Dumbledore: “and with 350 points Slytherin wins the house cup

But I have a few extra points to give out

500 points to Dumbledore for being the best headmaster”

*house flags all change to Dumbledore’s face*

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my tumblr pet peeves:

  • automatic playing music
  • music that automatically starts
  • when a song just starts automatically when I go to your page
  • that song that interrupts my song because it started without my knowledge 
  • music on your page that just comes out of nowhere

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"My family is suffocating me with pressure to be a perfect student and daughter." (r.i.d)

people always ask me why i’m going into teaching instead of being a writer.

the number of notes on this in less than 24 hours and the number of people who said “same” or “exactly” or “about me” - that’s why. there is so much fundamentally wrong with our system. The only way to change it is from within.


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I am first and foremost a writer and a reader. Then, I’m everything else.

A beautiful Flame Tree Journal depicting ‘Starry Night Over the Rhone’ by Van Gogh. And yes, the brush strokes are embossed and foiled.

I’ll just read one more chapter before bed.

The lie every book and fiction enthusiast tells themselves more than they’d care to admit (via bookishleaves)

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London’s iconic tube map is transformed into a pit-stop journey through classic styles of storytelling, with the individual tube lines turned into genres and sub genres of literature. The depths of the Northern Line are made over into the aptly named Horror Line. The Bakerloo Line coursing past Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street becomes, of course, the Crime & Mystery Line. And the pink trajectory of the Hammersmith & City is converted to the Romance Line. Each Storyline features a range of illustrations bringing to life both classics and mavericks from that theme, with a genre-defining work lurking at each journey’s end. Stations falling on intersecting Storylines get a sub-genre cross over. Many many days and weeks were spent researching and crafting this piece.

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